“Leadership & learning are
indispensable to each other”

John F. Kennedy

Having led an industry consortium on packaging education for the UK packaging industry, I have developed a lot of knowledge and know how on the delivery of training and the needs of the industry.


I've trained in Myers Briggs, facilitation and NLP which means I am well placed to deliver bespoke in-house coaching and training both on technical packaging topics but also on areas such as improving working relationships, developing leadership, improving communications, resolving conflict, managing change, along with career development.


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"Try to leave the earth a better place than when you arrived."

Sidney Sheldon

I've been passionate about preserving nature and our planet since I was at school. I completed a degree in Environmental Biology before I embarked on my packaging career. I'm proud to say in the time I have worked in the industry I have reduced, optimised and prevented packaging from getting to the marketplace. Packaging does so much good, but there is a lot of "greenwash".


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